Thursday, November 3, 2011

2012 Fitness Plans

When I got back from my trip to Indiana this week, I received my New Albany Walking Classic Half Marathon Age group award.  If you'll recall, I blogged about the race here.  I was excited and interested to see what it was.  After waiting for well over 30 days (the website said clearly it would be 30 days or more),  I was sure this prize wouldn't disappoint.  It didn't.  I think it was a nice representation of the race itself. I have to admit, however, that I was disappointed after waiting so long that it did not have my name or time engraved on it.  Last time I checked, I'll get old and forget my time!  Oh wait, I am ALREADY old and I forgot my exact time.  I think it was 2:41 and some change.

Where's my name?
I flipped it over and it was a picture of the race overall.  Not even an effort was made to pull one of the many pictures I had from this race and print it on the logo'd paper for me.  Instead, I get a picture of the crowd that made me crazy during the first two miles.   Score!  Just what I wanted to cherish about the race.  Maybe I'll just order my own picture and replace it.  Considering the award comes apart extremely easily, it won't be that difficult.  I think I'll skip the orange background but add in my time & pace.  Good idea?  I can definitely make it what I want it to be.  For now, it is hanging out in our living room.  I am sure one day I'll move it but for now, it needs to be front and center!

I am excited that I have found a group of ladies as crazy as me that want to try the Relay Around Columbus this coming June.  Apparently we can mix walkers & runners in our group - you are considered a runner even if you walk as long as it is a pace below 15 minutes/mile.  That's me!  Although if we are in the runner category, I'll have to walk further.  This will be an awesome challenge and I am really excited.  Next year has some exciting fitness firsts planned - the Relay Around Columbus, the Columbus Marathon & possibly riding in Pelotonia.

In preparation for the Columbus Marathon, I am going to finish reading a book on racewalking I picked up from Dave McGovern.  It is not long, it has just been a matter of taking the time to sit down and read it.  I am also planning to head to one of his racewalking clinics to get some more information on form.  I really need help with my arms and how I move them.  While I've gotten faster, the way you keep moving fast is by proper arm use.  I've been shown it many times and I just need to keep it up!  I think I'd learn a lot from these clinics.  Maybe I also need to sit down and figure out my 2012 fitness budget!  This could get expensive!

Have you started figuring out your 2012 goals?  Are you planning to rob a bank to help pay for them all?  I swear, being a couch potato was cheaper - but not when it comes to your health!

What do you do with formal race awards like the one I received?

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  1. I completely agree about the disappointment with no name or time - with how long it took - why not??? If you do your own picture - you'll have to post it!

    I'm soooo excited about Relay Around Columbus! And even more excited that we're doing it together! As you know, my 2012 will be busy, a couple of half marathons, a big huge mountain, this relay...maybe a full marathon too. Why not? If you decide to rob a bank - call me. HA!


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